FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS What kinds of art services do you provide? hand drawn art for print delivered as digital files (magazines, advertising, product packaging) chalk murals hand drawn on site (anywhere in the USA) chalkboard menu boards, interior restaurant signs (please wait to be seated, no smoking, etc) chalk murals provided as high res files for sign shop printing smudge and moisture resistant chalk look artwork on boards provided by client chalk menus hand drawn on site (permanent and temporary options available) chalk menus provided as high res files for sign shop printing chalk menus designed and rendered in my studio, shipped nationwide A frame (sandwich board art) event signage hand drawn on site event signage art provided as high res files for commercial printing event signage designed and painted in my studio, shipped nationwide window/glass artwork including seasonal art hand drawn branding, product packaging, print materials and logo design live events, in booth artist, live event artist for conventions and trade shows speaking engagements about being a commercial artist, how my business is run, how I attract clients and how I further market my skills.  classroom speaking engagements introducing kids to art, can include a live art demo. creative director for art installation and art related projects talent scout, assisting in the discovery of artistic talent in New York City Where are you located? Nashville, Tennessee.  I travel for large jobs and have done installs from San Francisco to Long Island.  If a plane, train or automobile can get there, so can I.  If you are in the Nashville area I can install murals, menus and art of all kinds on-site. How do you keep the art from smudging? If I am providing the boards or If you are sending me boards to have art applied, or if I am installing a mural on location that needs to be permanent, I use a smudge and moisture resistant medium.  It looks just like chalk. Is there a way to coat an actual chalk mural so that it doesn’t smudge. After trying several methods I don’t know of any way to coat chalk that does not also eat the chalk.  Actual chalk should only be used for temporary or well protected installations. How much do your chalk art services cost? I bid each project based on its unique features.  Murals start at $500 and menu board art starts at $150. I can render menus, front of store signage, A frames, wall art & window art. Do you only work in chalk? No.  I am a lettering artist.  I work in most mediums in most colors on most surfaces.  If you want a lettered wall in paint I can help.  Sharpie?  Sure thing.  If it’s lettering I can figure out how to get it done. Do you do ground art, street art, sidewalk art or pavement art? No, I have bad knees.  I am a wall lettering artist and chalkboard artist.  If you need a ground artist in the NYC area I highly recommend Hani Shihada. Do you do outdoor murals? Not normally, especially if they are up high. How long does it take to get artwork? It really depends on your specific project.  For print projects I can have print ready art to you in a week if you have your copy ready and there aren’t a lot of revisions.  Murals normally take a week of sketches and revisions before I can come in and install, which could take a day or seven depending on the size and complexity.  For on site menu art I can normally have that done in a day or two.  If it’s art that needs to be laid out in the computer before hand I need a week to do the layouts before installing. Can you update my existing menu? If you are in the Nashville/Middle Tennessee area yes.  Otherwise try placing an ad on craigslist or finding an artist through your local Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods.  You can also ask managers of other shops and restaurants who they use. Can you refer me to a good chalk artist in my area? I do have a short list of artists I have worked with, mostly on the east and west coasts.  If you are having trouble locating a local artist try a specific search in google.  Type in “chalk artist” + “your city name”  If you don’t get any results there probably isn’t one in your area that markets online well.  You can try a craigslist ad as well, artists search craigslist for freelance jobs.  You can also try contacting local sign shops or mural artists, they should be able to do chalk and chalk look murals as well. How long have you been doing chalk art? About six years in 2017.  Before that I was a freelance logo and website designer for about 10 years. What is your background, did you go to art school? My great-grandfather was a magazine cover artist.  My dad was a painter, my uncle is a clothing designer. It runs in the family.  I had excellent teachers in high school, including a former commercial artist.  I did do a short stint at the Dallas Art Institute but left to start freelancing. Who have you done art for? Amazingly, to me anyway, I’ve done art for some pretty big companies.  If you are a small company, group or event don’t let this deter you from calling me.  These guys were all small once too!  I work with all kinds of clients and budget ranges.  Here are some folks I’ve done art for:  Quaker, Land O’ Lakes, Ruby Tuesday, NBC, HGTV, Every Day With Rachel Ray, ESPN, ESPN Events, Johnson & Johnson, Jim Beam Brands, Bridgestone, Doctor Oz Magazine, KFC, Johnston and Murphy, Nashville Symphony, North Carolina Zoo, Pearson Education, Scholastic, Amazon & Madison Square Garden. What does your schedule look like? I stay pretty busy.  Contact me by phone or email to see what my schedule looks like. I am a teacher, can you come talk to my class about art? You bet!  I love talking about art, it’s getting me to shut up that’s the hard part.  If it wasn’t for some awesome teachers inspiring me and giving me the right information and tools to create I wouldn’t be an artist today. I want to be a chalk artist, can you tell me all of your secrets? They wouldn’t be a secret then would they?  I love speaking with artists and am happy to provide input about the business of chalk or commercial art in general.  I’m also happy to discuss mediums and methods, and even how and what to charge.  To that end however I do not discuss the actual mediums I use for projects or the exact amounts I charge.  Those are things that as an artist you will need to discover on your own.  When you are just starting out you figure out what mediums work best.  You charge less in the beginning and more as your portfolio expands.  The best way to get work is to be proactive.  Waiting on phone calls and emails won’t make you a living, you have to get out there and HUSTLE, HUSTLE, HUSTLE! Do you have an agent? Nope.  When you call or email you get to talk to me. Do you license your artwork? I can and have, call me with your needs. Can you donate art for my event? It’s possible, call or email me with your event details. How do you accept payment? Almost any way you can think of.  From cash to credit/debit cards.  I can take a business check or an automatic bank draft.  I require a 1/2 deposit before I start work on any project.  The remaining balance is due check or cash in hand on approval of art for on site work.  For advertising agencies and larger clients I do net 30 on the remaining balance.  I like to build relationships with local restaurants, event companies and venues.  I don’t want to one and done you, I want to be your go to chalk artist.   I am happy to discuss terms and the more often you use my services the more flexible I become.  For off-site digital work or work on chalkboards that are sent to me I require the same 50% deposit.  The remaining balance is then due once you approve the final art, but before I send out the boards or the digital print files. What other kinds of art do you do? I love to watercolor, write songs and bang out the three chords I know on my guitar. Did you write the book ‘The Chalk Artist?’ No, that was Allegra Goodman.  It surprises me how Google has allowed links for the book ‘The Chalk Artist’ to usurp actual websites about chalk art in their search when you are hunting for ‘chalk artist.’  It’s literally taken over the first 10 spots on google and has nothing to do with actual chalkboard art or ground chalk art.  I also have no idea if ‘The Chalk Artist’ is a good book, honestly I’m just using the title of the book ‘The Chalk Artist’ here over and over again in the hope that Google will think this is a review about The Chalk Artist and put me back at the top of the search results for Chalk Artist. Any other questions?  Call CJ at 615-482-2839 or email me at Contact CJ About Your Project Now: 615-482-2839 EMAIL
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