Lettering artist CJ Hughes can make your event memorable with hand drawn lettering and illustration.  CJ can render murals, stand alone chalkboards, white boards or render lettering and art on just about any surface.  All artwork is hand drawn and can be drawn in advance of your event, or CJ can be a part of the entertainment and render lettering during your event.  Hand lettered walls are all the rage and are guaranteed to get shared on social media.  If you are considering a mural or lettering artist for your event please consider CJ Hughes.  Lettering can be done in chalk, paint, paint pens, Sharpie or just about any medium imaginable. Call CJ now at 615-482-2839 to discuss your project. Event artist for hire Convention artist for hire. Event mural artist for hire. In booth artist for Pearson Education at the annual history convention in Saint Louis. Hand drawn chalk art photography backdrop at the Superdome in New Orleans for Verizon Wireless. event artist - convention artist - booth artist - lettering artist - wall lettering artist - lettering mural - wall lettering art trade show artist - trade show booth artist - traveling event artist - nyc event artist - new york city event artist - new york city mural artist - new york city lettering artist Contact CJ today with your needs: 1-800-673-6403  -  cj@customchalk.com PRINT  :  BRANDING  :  MURALS  :  EVENTS  :  RESTAURANTS  :  FAQ CLIENTS  :  ABOUT  :  PROJECT PROFILES  :  QUICK QUOTE  :  HOME Professional chalk artist - CJ Hughes Lettering artist - chalk artist - CJ Hughes Free quotes and consults, speak directly to the artist: 212-673-5761 cj@customchalk.com