PRINT  :  BRANDING  :  MURALS  :  EVENTS  :  RESTAURANTS  :  FAQ CLIENTS  :  ABOUT  :  PROJECT PROFILES  :  QUICK QUOTE  :  HOME Professional chalk artist - CJ Hughes Lettering artist - chalk artist - CJ Hughes Free quotes and consults, speak directly to the artist: 615-482-2839 (c) 2017 CJ Hughes for Contact CJ today with your needs: 615-482-2839  - PROJECT PROFILE: Johnston & Murphy Christmas 2013 Collateral Agency: Visualink Creative Location: Off-site, On-site at flagship store in New York City Project Type: On-site rendering in NYC, off-site chalk look illustration, digital file delivery, time lapse photography, print ready chalk-look artwork. Mediums: Real chalk and permanent chalk look options, realistic digital chalk look. Johnston & Murphy hired Custom Chalk Studio to develop their Christmas 2013 collateral to include chalk illustrations to appear in their 140+ stores across the USA.   Several large scale chalk designs were developed for print catalog use as well as store display.  This project culminated with the design and installation of set pieces for Johnston & Murphy’s flagship Madison Avenue storefront.  CJ Hughes - chalk artist for Johnston & Murphy National ad campaign artist CJ Hughes for Johnston & Murphy Window design for Johnston & Murphy Madison Avenue store in NY, NY by CJ Hughes Johnston & Murphy 5th Avenue window design by CJ Hughes. Chalkboard lettering design by CJ Hughes for Johnston & Murphy Printed window artwork for Johnston & Murphy hand drawn by artist CJ Hughes. Chalk lettering artist CJ Hughes for Johnston & Murphy
Print advertisement artwork by CJ Hughes.