3D street art chalk paintings chalkboard artist - chalkart - lettering designer |  615-482-2839  |  cj@customchalk.com 615-482-2839  |  cj@customchalk.com {CALL CJ NOW TO DISCUSS YOUR PROJECT!} Chalk Artist CJ Hughes - Professional Chalk Lettering for print, video and murals. Print Work Chalk Murals Chalkboard Menus Corporate Events Lettering & Logos Personalized Boards Contact About Project Profiles Chalk Art Videos Home Call now for your FREE QUOTE: 615-482-2839 PROJECT PROFILE: Pearson Education Interactive Convention Mural Location: St Louis, Missouri: National Social Studies Conference. Johnston & Murphy Christmas 2013 Collateral Agency: N/A Location: Saint Louis, MO Project Type: Off-site conference book design, on-site rendering during event. Mediums: Permanent, chalk look. I was hired by the fine folks at Pearson Eduction to travel to Saint Louis and be a part of their presentation for the annual Social Studies convention.  The entire booth design centered around the backdrop, an eight foot tall by thirty foot long chalkboard wall.  We developed a plan for me to render out the chalkboard art slowly over the two day convention, timing the rendering so that the entire board would be filled with art relating to social studies within a few hours of the event closing. I was able to interact with booth visitors, answering questions about the art and in some case even including suggestions for illustrations into the final piece. We made the layout interactive by including a blank space in the middle for someone to stand.  A thought bubble was added for them to answer the question: I Love Social Studies Because...  They filled in their answer and then had their picture taken to be tweeted live from the event. As there was only about 14 hours of total draw time to cover 240 square feet of space I stuck to a sketchy style for the illustrations.  I took extra time rendering the typography.  The entire board was drawn using a permanent medium that mimics the look of chalk but it smudge and moisture resistant. At the end of the show Pearson was able to dismantle this beast and truck it back to their offices for future display. I am available for travel across the USA and beyond for on-site mural work, temporary or permanent applications, in real time in front of a crowd, or before your event starts.  I’ve developed office murals, restaurant murals, retail space murals and more.  Contact for availability and rates: cj@customchalk.com or 615-482-2839. CLICK AN IMAGE BELOW TO ENLARGE. Pearson Education on-site event mural rendering - We started with this basic message. Over the two day event the image slowly unfolded in stages, people came BACK to the booth to watch my progress. We made the booth space interactive, asking folks to answer the thought bubble question and pose for a twitter bound photo. I made sure to make myself available to booth visitors with questions, and even took photos with some. While we developed most of the layout before I arrived, we also took suggestions on illustrations from booth visitors. The art was developed in a sketchy style.  I used a permanent medium to allow Pearson to reuse the board later.