CHALK ART SERVICES Below are the most common ways in which my art is used, but I’m not limited to any of these areas.  If you can get art on it, I can design something for it. To see my delivery methods and options visit the METHODS page. Chalk art and lettering in PRINT including:    - Magazine covers, spots and illustration    - Advertisements    - Book cover artwork and interior illustration    - Collateral & corporate marketing    - Event collateral including invitations, posters, etc.    - Product packaging, vehicle graphics Chalk art and lettering as large scale murals:    - Office chalk murals    - Retail in-store marketing and signage   - Convention space/booth art    - Chalk art for commercials and videos    * All large scale mural art can be delivered as digital art for        printing or actual art on canvas shipped rolled Chalk art for time lapse videos & intros:    - Customized time-lapse chalk art video and presentation intros    - video menu graphics, frames and decoration Custom chalk lettering, typography, alphabets and fonts:    - I can develop full alphabet sets and actual .otf or .ttf fonts      based on my hand drawn lettering.  I can develop a unique font      or alphabet and it can be your exclusively, or you can make your      project more affordable by allowing me to resell and reuse the      font at a later date past your usage expiration. Conversion of existing art or rough idea into chalk or chalk look:    - I can take your pre-designed layout and draw it in chalk.     - I can use your final design and do a straight conversion, or I      can embellish on your design.  My chalk art conversion clients      include Bed Bath & Beyond and Purina.      See their layouts converted to chalk here> Chalk art consultation & template kit services    - Design and development of chalk art mural or menu templates and      kits that allow for self installation by a company, group or      corporation.  All templates, art supplies & materials are      supplied as well as an instructional video. chalk artist for hire CJ Hughes chalkboard artist - chalkart - chalk lettering designer |  615-482-2839  |
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